Ethan Rouimi

A self-taugth developer

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Where I come from

I grew up in Lanzarote the most beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean

Where I spended most of my time surfing 🏄🏽‍♂️ and enjoying the beach 🏝 and play the drums 🥁 in a music band.

I was always interested in learning new things and skills, one day it lead me to start learning programming languages.

I started learning python Python logo which I learned it in a udemy course, this created my foundation of computer science, it got me interested in Data Science, that's when I learn about Le Wagon, so I decided to enroll in their Data Science and AI curriculum, in Paris 🇫🇷. For six months I learned how to develop solutions, creating APIs, and training AI models, we had to do a final project with a team, there was a coincidence that our team were all musicians (I was percusionist in my chilhood) so we went to create a model that determined the note of a guitar being played, it worked with pieces were the guitar was the only instrumentt played, with had some difficulties but in the end we managed to create a model that predicted reasonably well a piece, respecting the notes, and position of the hands.

I knew some really amazing people in there, this was my class:

After the bootcamp I wanted to explore more, I had pretty much dominated Python, I wanted to try of compiling my code and type safety, so I decided to go with Golang Golang logo, It's fammiliar syntax to python it really help starting out, and it's type system was a game changer, it really helped me change some bad habits like not using variables and not checking types, I loved the system of interfaces, it lead me to create some more flexible code

After learning a bit about back-end I decided to learn the other side, so I decided to learn javascript Javascript logo It was really easy to get started, I learned the basics of React, and Svelte, It perimited to automate actions with the browser console, and set the foot for better web scrapping with css selectors.

After some time I was really interested in blockchain and decentralized technology, I was captivated with the idea of Ethereum the worlds machine so I started to learn the basic of smart contracts with Solidity Solidity logo. I was fascinated with the potencial of decentralized technology and cryptography, I learned more about the inner workings of Solidity, exploits, and gas optimizations, and I stated to participate in web3 auditions in CodeHakws

Now I'm creating some project that I had in my backlog, these are some examples of what I have done:

  • An open-sourced medium-api written in Go.
  • A command-line Tool for a blog framework for making easier for writters to import their aricles from otherplatforms to their own blog post
  • For more projects checkout my Github 👀

Talking about other than programming...

I'm really interested in IOT and DIY solutions, so I created in my own little cluster of servers with some computers that I had laying around, and I host in them Home Assistant which I use to control some 'smart devices' around my house, and made some pranks to my familly controlling the tv and google home remotly, they thought that there was a hacker, we had a good laugth.

I also love learning new languages!:

  • Español 🇪🇸 (Native)
  • Français 🇫🇷 (maternal)
  • English 🇬🇧 (C1)
  • Português 🇵🇹 (muito pouco..)
  • Deutch 🇩🇪 (Sehr wenig..)

My skills for business

Throughout my life, I have had a strong desire to make a positive impact in the world by creating my own projects, uplifting people, and improving their lives. My leadership abilities come naturally to me and, combined with my capability to organize people, I am able to guide and motivate teams to achieve their goals and drive success.

  • Entrepeneur Mindset
  • I Deliver Quick Results
  • Leader mentality
  • Based in Paris🇫🇷
  • I'm very versatile

I consider myself to be a proactive individual, particularly when it comes to situations that make me feel uncomfortable. Rather than being passive, I strive to find solutions to these challenges, using my creativity and resources to overcome any obstacles in my path.

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